AWOL (A Work Of Love) is an annual event where approximately 200 school going teenagers camp in Empangeni.  The teens come together and build relationships as well as receive practical and spiritual input that equips them for life. They also share God's love in the community of Empangeni, Richards Bay and surrounding areas by tackling various projects or outreaches that are organised and run by the local churches – a work of love 


AWOL desires to impact the following. 


The mission of AWOL is…

  • to enable them to share God’s love in practical ways so that the community will know that Christian teenagers are not just a voice but are also God’s hands and feet.
  • to provide an event where teenagers from all walks of life can come together, worship God, make friends and have fun whilst learning valuable life lessons with others of their own age.

Churches of Empangeni and Richards Bay and surrounding areas

The mission of AWOL is…

  • to share the gifting and resources of local churches so that teenagers are given the opportunity to receive and make a difference.
  • to mobilise church members to make a difference in their own town and surrounding areas and to use the opportunity of AWOL to spur others on, to do the same.
  • to encourage churches to partner with each other in projects or outreaches and in doing so, celebrate their unity in Christ.


The mission of AWOL is…

  • to interact with the community in relevant ways, so that they too can experience the love that God has for people and their community. 

Who is AWOL

AWOL is a project of City Youth. City Youth is a voluntary association that aims to mobilise local churches to plan and execute multicultural Christian events or outreaches involving young people.  


AWOL generates its funds through the generous donations and sponsorships received from various individuals, churches, companies, organisations and the municipality.

Banking Details:
First National Bank
Branch: Empangeni 220130
Acc Name: A work of love
Acc Number: 62 260 616 027 


Event Coordinator
Karl Rottcher 
083 638 2544 

Event Secretary
Belinda Blakeman
082 881 2101

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