Local churches are approached to share their gifting and resources to make this event a success. Naturally every church member who gets involved on AWOL is impacted as well. The diversity of AWOL provides many opportunities for church members to develop and grow: either before, during or even after the AWOL event. We find that those who get involved on AWOL and the community outreaches are spurred on to continue to serve in their local church or their surrounding areas. They become catalysts that motivate others to do the same!

Find out more where you can serve on AWOL by downloading this one page document, Where can I serve on AWOL?

More specifically, if you would like to take teens out into the community on an AWOL Action where they can serve the community in some way, click here. Once you have made your decision to be an AWOL Action Leader, fill in this form.

If you are a church in the Empangeni / Richards Bay surrounding area, and would like more information on AWOL so that you can promote it and encourage your people to become passionately involved, click here. If you would like to help us recruit volunteers in your church, you can ask your people to complete this form.

If you are an individual or business who would like to donate clothes, goods, equipment, food, fruit, finances or services click here.